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Date: Saturday, December 7, 2019
Upcoming Auctions - 102.jpg.jpg
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Ted and Ann Oliver Outsider/ Folk/ Pottery
Lifetime Collection Auction
Saturday December 7th 11:00 am ( preview
9:00 am )
125 West Market Street
Johnson City .Tennessee 37604

An important collection of outsider art which
is all from the private collection of Ted and
Ann Oliver. Many great items purchased
directly from the artist over the past three
decades.This art has been in
this collection since its conception and not
seen by the general public.

Catalogue :

Purchases can be held for pickup for 30-45
days after payment is received or we will
deliver your items to the UPS store here in
Johnson City for your directions for them to

Terms in house- phone, and absentee 10%
buyers fee. 14% if paid by credit card.
Absentee bid forms:
Terms on Net - will have the
terms listed there on the site after the
catalogue is published.

Elizabeth Sterling 423 833 -1278

Kimball Sterling PAL 2476

Sign up on our main page at to receive update emails
for this auction

Date: Saturday, November 30, 2019
Time:10:00 am Eastern
Upcoming Auctions - DSCN9600.JPG
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Thanksgiving Annual Auction
Saturday November 30th 10 am
125 west Market Street
Johnson City, Tennessee 37604

Advance Notice : Invite your friends and family to Johnson CIty for this Historic event and a bite of turkey. Keep your eyes on this site and register on our main page at for email

This is one of largest and best auctions of the year. This year we have a private collection from a Virginia Gentleman, A collection from an Indiana Psycho Therapist, Collection of silver and Jewelry from
an "old time"collector, Fine oriental carpets, Antique toys and much . We will post photos over the next two weeks as items come it. "Out of towners" make your reservations at the Carnegie Hotel. Ask for
the Sterling Auction rate. Items are coming in from various important estates around the country

There will over 40 pieces of great furniture ready to use in your house including French, Country, Victorian, Period, Collection of great display adverting and store cases, Original cast iron figural
African- American hitching post, Italian decorative items,Autographed Grandpa Jones banjo Good cast iron, Large collection of vintage Byers Carolers, Murano Glass, Orrefors bowl,RS Germany, large
collection of vintage flower frogs, Very upscale Queen Ann custom dining room suite ( table is large enough to be used as a conference table), Pulled feather Tiffany Vase,heart shaped Tiffany
perfume,Galle and Tiffany glass, sterling flatware, fine china and glass. German swords, war of 1812 sword,Advertising items including a Jack Daniels barrel and a front lift cigar store case, restored
Coke refrigerator floor box, Fine paintings, US gold coins, canes, antique lighting, and much more.

Cash or check 10% buyers fee
Credit card payment 14% buyers fee

Preview Friday 11 am till 2 pm
Sat 9 am

Kimball M Sterling PAL 2476

Date: Saturday, November 23, 2019
Time:10 am
Upcoming Auctions - 20191111_115608.jpg
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David Berry Estate ( Sale number 1)
2484 Wildwood Drive Kingsport, Tennessee (Preston Forrest Area)
Saturday November 23rd, 10 am (preview 9 am)

David Berry was the most avid collector that we have ever seen. We will probably have four or five auctions for this collection in the next three months. He collected antiques, toys, automobile items,
vintage cars and car parts, pharmacy items, and much more. He had two houses and we are in the process of combining them. We will post more photos the week of the auction.

The first sale will take place at the primary residence on Wildwood in Kingsport. It will include the household - Nice dental cabinet, cherry slant top desk, Lalique glass, oak furniture, China and
glass, clocks and old radios, pocket knives, silver coinage, old medical items,over 2000 toys sold in lots ( toys sale will begin at 1:00 with preview at noon), oak roll top desk, block front Pennsylvania
cherry chest,Queen Anne dinning room suite , oak princess dresser, Oak barley twist table,leather sofas, Hendredon tweed sofa, advertising and auto items, bottles,pharmacy items, Sarouk carpet, Oak high
chair/strollers,tools, box lots and much more. We are still going through boxes that have been packed away for years. Lot of surprises.

The 1:00 Toys sale ( Preview Noon) This sale will consist of over 250 cardboard flats of die cast, toy soldiers, vintage tin, Mason Dixon and Eastman toys, Corgi, Matchbox, battery, friction. An
unbelievable collection. There will be a sale number two of toys later on.

Cash or Check 10% buyers fee/ no sales tax. Announcements day of sale take precedence over pre-sale advertising.

Kimball sterling, Principle auctioneer 2476

Date: Sunday, November 17, 2019
Time:11 am Eastern
Upcoming Auctions - 1.jpg
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Antique Cane Auction
Sunday November 17th 11:00 am Eastern
125 West Market Street
Johnson City, Tennessee 37604

Canes from Two estates and various collections. Many fine Gold dress canes.
A collection of gun and sword canes from a Western estate, a nice
Mike/Orion folk cane, silver dress and much more.

Cash or check 20% BP in house and on the phone. 23% online.


Preview 10 am morning of the auction.
423 773 4073 for absent and phone bidding.

Date: Saturday, November 16, 2019
Time:10:00 am Eastern
Upcoming Auctions - 86_1.jpg
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Coin Auction
125 West Market Street
Johnson CIty Tennessee

Saturday November 16th 10 am ( Preview 9 am)

This is a very nice collection including US gold, Silver dollars and other type coins. Items for both the small and large collector.

Here is the list:

1 Roll of Eagles 2000
2 Roll of Eagles 2001
3 Roll of Eagles 2002
4 Roll of Eagles 2003
5 Roll of Eagles 2004
6 Roll of Eagles 2002
7 Roll of 1923 Peace Dollars - BU
8 Roll of 1924 Peace Dollars - BU
9 Roll of 1925 Peace Dollars - BU
10 Roll of Assorted Peace Dollars
11 Roll of Assorted Morgan Dollars
12 Roll of Assorted Morgan Dollars
13 Roll of Assorted Peace Dollars
14 4 Morgan Dollars (1891S, 1892O, 1902 (2)) and 1 CC Pocket Piece
15 6 Morgan Dollars (1892O (2), 1892S, 1896S, 1898S (2))
16 6 Peace Dollars (1924, 1927, 1927S, 1934, 1934D, 1935S)
17 4 Peace Dollars (1925S, 1926S, 1927D, 1928S)
18 Assorted Peace and Morgan Dollars (11 pieces)
19 12 Kenedy Half Dollars (1964(10), 1966, 2009) and 2 Sacagewa Golden Dollars
20 4 Morgan Dollars (1878S, 1897, 1904O, 1921D)
21 4 Morgan Dollars (1904O, 1904, 1921, 1921S)
22 3 Morgan Dollars (1887 (2), 1888 all ICG MS64)
23 3 Morgan Dollars (1896 ICG MS63, 1899 and 1900 both ICG MS64)
24 3 Morgan Dollars (1899O, 1902O, 1904O all ICG MS64)
25 3 Morgan Dollars (1888O and 1889 both ICG MS64, 1896 ICG MS65)
26 3 Morgan Dollars (1888, 1889, 1890 all ICG MS63)
27 3 Morgan Dollars (1883O, 1884O (2) all ICG MS64)
28 3 Morgan Dollars (1885O (2), 1886 all ICG MS64)
29 Three 1923 Peace Dollar all ICG MS64
30 Three 1923 Peace Dollar all ICG MS64
31 5 Peace Dollars (1923 (4) all ICG MS64, 1925 ICG MS65 )
32 3 Peace Dollars (1922S) all ICG MS61
33 4 Peace Dollars (1922S) all ICG MS61
34 4 Peace Dollars (1923S) all ICG MS61
35 4 Peace Dollars (1923S) all ICG MS61
36 3 Peace Dollars (1923) all ICG MS64
37 3 Peace Dollars (1922, 1923, 1924 all NGC MS65)
38 6 Peace Dollars (1922 (3), 1923 (3) all ICG MS63)
39 2 Morgan Dollars (1880S NGC MS63, 1880O ICG MS64 )
40 2 Morgan Dollars (1900O, 1904O both ICG MS64)
41 3 Morgan Dollars (1886 (2), 1888 all ICG MS63)
42 3 Morgan Dollars (1882, 1883, 1884 all ICG MS63)
43 3 Morgan Dollars (1884, 1885 (2) all ICG MS63)
44 1903 $2.50 Gold Piece Unc
45 1925D $2.50 Indian Gold Piece ICG MS61
46 1925D $2.50 Indian Gold Piece ICG MS61
47 1926 $2.50 Indian Gold Piece Unc
48 1929 $2.50 Indian Gold Piece ICG MS62
49 1894 $5.00 Liberty Gold Unc
50 1900 $5.00 Liberty Gold Choice Unc
51 1909 $5.00 Indian Gold Piece Unc
52 1900 $10 Liberty Gold Piece Choice Unc
53 1907 $10 Liberty Gold Piece Choice Unc
54 1895O Morgan Silver Dollar EF45
55 1884 CC Dollar Choice Unc
56 1890 CC Dollar NGC MS64
57 1879 CC Dollar NGC AU58
58 1941S Walking Liberty ICG MS65
59 3 Morgan Silver Dollars (1879S, 1879O, 1879) BU Unc
60 3 Morgan Silver Dollars (1881S, 1882O, 1882S) Unc
61 3 Morgan Silver Dollars (1880, 1880S, 1881) Unc
62 3 Morgan Silver Dollars (1878S, 1878P w/7 tail feathers, 1878P w/8 tail feathers) Unc
63 3 Morgan Silver Dollars (1902O, 1902, 1903) Unc
64 3 Morgan Silver Dollars 1887O, 1888O, 1888) Unc
65 3 Morgan Silver Dollars (1885, 1886, 1887) Unc
66 3 Morgan Silver Dollars (1882, 1883O, 1885O) Unc
67 3 Morgan Silver Dollars (1900O, 1900, 1901O) Unc
68 3 Morgan Silver Dollars (1898O, 1898, 1899O) Unc
69 3 Morgan Silver Dollars (1883, 1884O, 1884) Unc
70 3 Morgan Silver Dollars (1890O, 1891O, 1891) Unc
71 3 Morgan Silver Dollars (1889O, 1889, 1890) Unc
72 1889 CC Dollar ANACS VG8
73 1912S 5 Cent Piece NGC VG10
74 1883 CC Dollar PCGS MS62 PL
75 1921 Peace Dollar XFAU
76 1903O Dollar XFAU
77 20 Barber Halves
78 3-piece Columbus Quincentenary Coin Set w/$5 Gold piece
79 4 Barber Half Dollars (1901S, 1904S, 1913, 1914)
80 Complete Set of Roosevelt Dimes 1946-1964
81 U.S. Emergency Coinage Set No. 1
82 Iowa Centennial Half Dollar 1846-1946 AU
83 1893O Morgan Dollar
84 2 Morgan Silver Dollars (1880S- PCGS MS65, 1884O-PCGS MS64)
85 20 Assorted Barber Quarters
86 1928B Funny-back Dollar Gem Unc
87 Consecutive Pair of 1934 Funny-back Dollars Choice/Gem
88 $5.00 Large-size Johnson City note XF
89 $5.00 Indian Silver Certificate Fine+
90 $100 1966 U.S. Note AU
91 63 Ben Franklin Half Dollars ($31.50)
92 $19.60 in Roosevelt Silver Dimes
93 $15.50 in Silver Quarters
94 $14.50 in Walking Liberty Half Dollars and 1 Silver Kennedy Half Dollar
95 $2.00 in Assorted Barber and Standing Liberty Quarters
96 $15.90 in Mercury Dimes
97 Assorted Silver Jefferson Nickles, Lincoln Pennies, V-Nickles, Buffalo Nickles
98 6 Type Coins (1835 Bust Half, 1853 One Cent, 1865 3 Cent, 1898 Barber Quarter, 1908 Barber Quarter, 1916 Barber Dime)
99 10 Mixed Silver and Regular Issue Eisenhower Dollars
100 10 Mixed Silver and Regular Issue Eisenhower Dollars
101 2 sets of 2014P & D JFK Halves, set of 2013 P, D & S JFK Halves, 2 sets of 100 Years of Nickles, set of Last 3 Years of V-Nickles
102 Set of National Parks Quarters
103 3 Sets of Obama colorized coins
104 Complete Set of Proof State Quarters
105 Assorted Paper Money
106 Assorted Paper Money
107 12 Rolls of Jefferson Nickles Unc
108 500 Jefferson Nickles
109 500 Jefferson Nickles
110 Roll of Tennessee Quarters
111 Assorted Coins
112 State Quarters
113 State Quarters
114 State Quarters
115 1999 Gold 50 State Commemorative Quarters
116 4 NGC Coin Boxes

Cash or check 10% Buyers fee.

Kimball Sterling PAL 2476

Time:Main Sale 6 pm Box
Weekly Monday Night Auctions
125 West Market Street
Johnson City, Tennessee

Sale every Monday night at 6:00

The 5:00 box lot sale will be

You can click the blog tab on the top of this page to see some of the
items that the girls are selling.

Cash or check. No buyers fee

Bobbie and Emma manage our
general Monday Night
Auctions. They happen each
Monday night at 6 pm with
great estate box lots at 5.
Antiques, Small
estates, coins, toys,
household, china and glass.
You never know what
shows up on sale day. Stop in
all day and see what we have.

Finally something to do on
Monday night. Consignments
always accepted.
Cash or check no buyers fee.

If you have items to sell
please contact us at

Kimball M Sterling Inc TFL-

One piece or an entire collection of outsider or folk-art for future
Please give us a call 423 773 4073 and email us
if you have items to sell.

We are now accepting African American items for a future auction. Toys, paperwork, books, political , historical, musical, slavery,civil war, advertising, quilts, art, canes, and most anything related to this field.
Please contact us at if you have items to consign

Accepting Jewelry, Coin Collections, Silver and Gold Coins for upcoming Auction.

One piece or a complete estate. Call for a free evaluation

Please email us at or by phone 423-928-1471

Upcoming Auctions - 13594.jpg
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We are in the tent rental business and have been for about 15 years here in Johnson City, We service a pretty wide area. Our sizes go from 20 x 20 to 40 by 80. Most of our tents are made by Eureka. We rent to business's, church's,Johsnon City Country Club, The Range. Lowes of johnson City, Elizabethton Chamber of Commerce, Covered bridge Festival, Girls Inc. of Johnson City, fireworks stands, Walmarts, TNT Fireworks, weddings, partys, and much more. We do not charge estra for delivery or set-up

Our tents can come with sides or without sides. We do keep a few tables also to rent but not many. We do mostly tents. You can see out tents setup at most of the Walmarts in SW Va during the Fourth of July. We have done those tents for about 8 years. All of our tents are up to fire code and most are pole tents. all of our tents are clean.

Give us an email or a call for a price. Our tents are high peeked and we also have some Capris (Looks like a big geometric butterfly has landed). Take a look at the Eureka Tents web site and you will see most of what we have. Wedding tents, party Tents,

Trade works as good as cash. Give us a chance to quote you.
Kimball M. Sterling Inc.
125 West Market St.
Johnson City, Tennessee 37604

Upcoming Auctions - 9892159.jpg
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Ask for our special rate for Sterling Auction but sometimes your rate is
better than ours. Always check. This is a very nice hotel and very close to
the auction gallery. Nice people ,good food, and quality rooms and service.
Here is a link:

Contact Information

Carnegie Hotel & Spa
1216 W. State of Franklin Road
Johnson City, TN 37604

Toll-free reservations: 866.757.8277
Tel. 423.979.6400
Fax. 423.979.6424


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