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Date: Saturday, March 28, 2020
Harry Powell Living Estate
March 28th 10:30 am
Johnson City,Tn

Details and photos coming soon.

Cash or check, 10% BP.

Date: Saturday, February 29, 2020
Time:10:30 am
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Ralph Van Brocklin Estate
Saturday February 29th 10:30
125 West Market Street
Johnson City , Tn 37604

The sale will include Rare Addington Pottery crock, porcelain Pepper Ky whiskey sign, local Tennessee and adjacent states bottles and areas throughout the country, trade and post cards, advertising, openers, and much more. Store ledgers, City directories,over 100 early advertising shot glasses, crocks, advertising pamphlets, Mini Jugs and more
We will sell about 250-300 items by list then it will be grab and go on many more items. Be here for the surprises.
Over 500 bottles.
The sales list. we will sell many items after the list Which are not cataloged.
1 Bristol Virginia shot glasses including Southern Wine, Miller and Heller Brothers
2 Bristol Virginia shot glasses including Clinchfield, Dyers and Clinchfield
3 Bristol Virginia shot glasses including Bristol Dist, Gouge and Bryan
4 Bristol Virginia two shot glasses, Hessberg and Bristol Dist
5 Bristol Virginia Shot glasses, Victor Liver Syrup(3), Buntings and Son
6 Shot glass MP Dyer and Co. Bristol and Johnson City, white oil liniment bottle
7 Parx and Hendrix drug store, Greenville TN
8 Chattanooga shot glasses, a lot of ten, Alsodrooks, Ole mont=day, Fletch Catron, EB Gibson, Alsobrook Rye, Puliker,Hancock Rye, CD Cheatham, White Oak, Merry Christmas Chattanooga Dis.
9 Chattanooga shot glasses, Glendales Race King Rye, Detrich, Wakemans, Supreme Court Whiskey, Gibson(3), White Oak, Star(2),
10 Chattanooga shot glasses, Alsobrook(2), White Oak, Rose(2), Detirck, Dotson-Evans, Scott Price, Is Good Enough, Silver Hill, Will Lea and Co
11 Chattanooga shot glasses, White Oak, Wakeman, Gold Eagle, Livingston Thompson, Scott Price, RH Cate, Tennessee Club, Tennessee, Yellow Seal, Rice Bros.
12 Twelve Chattanooga glasses, Star(2), National, Cheatham, Detrick, Grainger, Lebron Jewelers, McCarty, Alsobrook, Kaufman Brothers metal thimble, Ole Scott, White Oak
13 Memphis 13 piece shot glass lot, Raynor, Purity, Old Modoc, Golden Age, Central(3), Ripley, Garrett, Cream of Still, Old Dominick, Old Oliver, DRS
14 Ten assorted shot glasses
15 Ten assorted shot glasses
16 Five Nashville shot glasses, Greenbrier(2), Hooper Grocery, Waggoner, Lee and Harper
17 Five assorted Nashville glasses, Hooper Bros, Hermitage Distilling co, Greenbrier, Tennessee Dist, Cascade
18 Six Nashville shot glasses, Marble Springs, Hooper Bros, Cascade, S Hartman, Painter, Hotel Tulane
19 Seven assorted shot glasses
20 Mini Jug, Sam Harris Shawnee OK
21 Mini Jug, Millers Oldest Corn Bristol VA
22 Mini Jug, J Brooks, Cleveland OH
23 Mini Jug, LC Jackson Florence TX
24 Mini Jug, Wendorf and Vaughn, Portland OR
25 Mini Jug, CF Swayze Pittsburg TX
26 Mini Jug, David Gregg, Luling TX
27 Mini Jug, Geo. Schaefer Albany MN
28 Mini Jug, RM Turner, Spokane WA
29 Mini Jug, Martin Lynch Pleasant Valley Bristol VA
30 Mini Jug, JL Lee Wichita TX
31 Mini Jug, WG Overhiser Syracuse NY
32 Mini Jug, Old Joe-WJ Smith Lexington KY
33 Mini Jug, BNG John Hopkins Rye
34 Mini Jug Hersh Bros Vinegar and Cider Louisville KY
35 Mini Jug, AM Storr, Scranton PA
36 Mini Jug, Carson and Bender, Scranton PA
37 Mini Jug, WR Toomb, PA
38 Mini Jug, Morris Wilmington NC
39 Mini Jug, Lee Scoton PA
40 Mini Jug, WR Toomb, PA
41 Mini Jug, BH Overpeck PA
42 Mini Jug, Freiberg and Kahn Cinn, OH
43 Mini jug, Father Marquette, Cinn OH
44 Mini Jug, IW Harper KY
45 Lot of Three mini jugs, Merry Christmas 1939 and 1942, GW Pease
46 Lot of four mini jugs, Continental Whiskey, EG Wilson-OH, LH Vegan-Allentown, Ole Rye Jug
47 Lot of 5 Oregon complimentary mini jugs
48 Lot of 5 Oregon complimentary mini jugs
49 Lot of seven Oklahoma Territory mini jugs, scratched
50 Lot of four Oklahoma, Holloway, Benson, Laughlin, Hirzel mini jugs
51 Three Oregon mini jugs, complimentary
52 Ten mini complimentary jugs from various establishments, Washington State
53 Five Washington mini jugs, Smith and McGurk, Hooker, Wilson (Spokane)- Hanson and Harotie-Tacoma, Goldthorps Gro. -Everette
54 Five Spokane mini jugs, Rice, Ebert Gro, Gilbert and Pace, WM Hall and Co, Exchange Gro
55 Mini jug, Old International Whisky, Spokane WA
56 Three motto mini jugs, Detrick Dayton OH
57 Four motto mini jugs, Detrick Dayton OH
58 Three motto mini jugs, Detrick Dayton OH
59 Two Detrick Rye Whiskey mini jugs
60 Four Johnson city embossed bottles
61 Five assorted embossed Nashville TN bottles
62 Three assorted embossed Knoxville TN bottles
63 Assorted box of bottles
64 Five mini jugs, Jones Bros, Sam John for Political Office, Carmeta Cider, Peter Anderson "Ark", Partridge and Blackwell
65 Two B&H John Hopkins mini jugs
66 One Nashville TN mini jug, Tn Distilling
67 Uba TN mini jug
68 Complimentary mini jug-Walker, Warner TN
69 Complimentary mini jug, Stafford, Dresden TN
70 Complimentary mini jug, Collins Bros, Spring City-possibly TN
71 W A Fincannon and CO., Bristol TN mini jug
72 W A Fincannon and Co., Bristol TN mini jug
73 Old Paducah Club Whiskey, J B Foote Whiteville, TN
74 Two Ozark, Memphis mini vinegar jugs
75 Complimentary jug of JR Woodard, Dry Hill TN
76 Four piece assorted lot of various mini jugs,Day and Bailey Memphis,B and H Peabody Memphis, Ellis Jones Drugs Memphis, Phoenix Club Monheimer and Co, Chicago
77 Scratch mini jug, EJ Brumley, Greenville TN
78 Two piece scratch mini jug lot,Both Pure Ozark vinegar jug (PHM), Memphis TN
79 Scratch mini jug, Murdock Bros, Jackson TN
80 Complimentary scratch mini jug of JH Hefloy, Trenton TN
81 Scratch complimentarymini jug of JT Ingram, Oliver TN
82 Scratch complimentary mini, jug , H Hengel, Sherman Heights TN
83 Scratch mini jug, JP Sherrill and Son, Nashville TN
84 Scratch larger mini jug by MA Jacobs, Lexington TN
85 Scratch earthenware mini jug, International Sour Mash, EARLY jug
86 Lot of Three mini jugs, three scratch and one regular jug, PA
87 Porcelain Pepper Distillery Sign, Lexington KY
88 Three piece advertising tray lot
89 Bristol VA embossed Clinchfield whiskey quart bottle also with a paper label
90 Four embossed Heller Bros quart bottles
91 Watauga Valley corn whiskey embossed bottle, Bristol VA
92 Happy Valley corn whiskey bottle, Bristol VA-TN
93 Clinchport embossed MP Dyer, Bristol VA quart bottle
94 TN BRG and Co, embossed quart bottle
95 Cherokee Martin Lynch embossed Bristol VA-TN quart bottle
96 Heller Bros embossed quart bottle, Bristol VA
97 Twelve porcelain advertising and calendar plates from various regions
98 Red ware crock
99 Washington County TN Flower pot crock with cobalt decoration
100 Local one gallon crock
101 Wooden mortar and pestle
102 Nashville TN Old Jug Jager pottery beer bottle
103 Salem Glass Works safety quart jar
104 Binder, almanacs and other paper catalogs
105 Collection of trade cards
106 Postcard album
107 Postcard album
108 Postcard album
109 Postcard album including many Santa Clauses
110 Standard Atlas of Umatilla County Oregon 1914
111 Budweiser "The Father of Waters" Indian print
112 Farrars Saspirilla Bristol TN embossed bottle
113 Chattanooga, Josephs Gonorrhea embossed bottle with paper label
114 Eight Blob Top Memphis TN embossed bottles
115 Fifteen embossed Memphis TN bottles
116 Nineteen embossed Memphis Tennessee bottles
117 Twenty-one Johnson city embossed druggist bottles
118 Twenty-one Johnson city embossed druggist bottles
119 Assorted bottle lot
120 Box lot of airport liquor bottles
121 Twenty-one assorted bottles including one Johnson City
122 Salt glazed canteen
123 Dr Eanhorst Jonesboro TN embossed bottle
124 Assorted box lot of tins and small advertising items
125 One gallon local crock
126 Oertel tip tray
127 Box of five California identical Claret wine bottles
128 William Gurst Brewing Co, embossed, Nashville TN
129 Two boxes of miniature airport whiskey bottles
130 Twenty seven Tennessee historical publications and Tennessee ancestors publications
131 Twenty six books from the East Tennessee Historical Society collection
132 Box lot of bottles including one with what appears to be a Bristol label
133 Box lot of assorted books including a US Fishery book
134 Four boxes of Marion VA photos
135 Box of insulators
136 Box of seven early crystal Tom and Jerry cups
137 Tennessee drug bottle collection
138 Assorted box lot of bottles and advertising items
139 Tennessee Homecoming medal
140 Knoxville Embossed Pepsi bottle
141 Box lot of Tennessee embossed soda bottles
142 Embossed Crockett Bros bottle, Johnson City TN
143 Two Bay Rum Johnson City bottles with paper label
144 Embossed with paper label East Tennessee Medicine castor oil, Johnson city and Jonesboro
145 Six Johnson City bottles
146 Six Johnson City bottles
147 Kingsport TN Pepsi bottle
148 Box of four Kingsport TN embossed bottles
149 Wampoles Cod Liver wood box
150 Patterson Red Seal Tobacco lunch pail tin
151 Assorted box of advertising items
152 Warners Diabetes Cure embossed amber bottle
153 Pair of Warners Kidney Remedy, embossed amber bottle
154 Assorted box of embossed amber and clear bottles
155 Assorted box of Memphis patent bottles
156 Andrews amber sarsaparilla embossed bottle with partial paper label, Bristol TN
157 Garrens Tonic paper label with box, Erwin TN
158 Two amber flasks one being a Union with handshakes and other being an eagle
159 Assorted bag lot of smaller advertising items including openers and corkscrews
160 Assorted lot of bottles and a few other items
161 Steamworks embossed bottle, Bristol TN
162 Amber Johnson City Coca-Cola bottle
163 Two Johnson City Bottling Works bottles
164 Amber paper label Johnson City TN 7up bottle
165 Steamworks amber embossed bottle, Bristol TN
166 Gerstle Bluff City Tn embossed aqua bottle
167 Pair of Warners Kidney Remedy, embossed amber bottle
168 Embossed Gerstle druggist aqua bottle, Bluff City TN
169 Box lot of bottle including Chattanooga, Knoxville and Memphis
170 Assorted box lot of twelve embossed bottles
171 Assorted box lot embossed bitters and druggist bottles
172 Assorted box lot of embossed soda and drug bottles
173 Assorted box lot of nine Nashville TN liquor and soda bottles
174 Box lot of ten assorted amber whiskey bottles
175 Assorted box lot of bottles
176 Assorted box lot of bottles
177 Assorted box lot of Johnson City, Memphis, Chattanooga etc soda bottles
178 Box lot of plain flasks
179 Assorted box lot of early bottles
180 Assorted box lot of various bottles
181 Assorted box lot of quart colored whiskey bottles
182 Ten embossed Memphis TN soda bottles
183 Box of twelve Memphis soda bottles
184 Assorted box lot of various bottles
185 Assorted box lot of various bottles
186 Assorted box lot of various bottles
187 Spring Elixir bottle, bright luster
188 Amber Schiedman Schnapps bottle
189 Ump darker blue Memphis soda bottle
190 Schlitz amber beer bottle, Charleston SC
191 Aqua embossed Memphis Pepsi Cola bottle
192 Four Mason jars
193 Box lot of Bristol items
194 Large ox lot of miniature whisky bottles
195 Ten Assorted Etched Shot glasses
196 Ten assorted etched hot glasses
197 Ten assorted etched hot glasses
198 Ten Assorted Etched Shot glasses
199 Seven assorted etched hot glasses
200 Nine California etched hot glasses
201 Five etched glasses -Tennessee assorted
202 Amber Johnson City Coca-Cola bottle
203 Memphis Aqua Pepsi bottle
204 Memphis Gay amber soda bottle
205 Two amber Memphis Coke bottles
206 Aqua Memphis Pepsi bottle
207 Tenn. Cola aqua bottle Knoxville, Tennessee
208 Four Pieces- Amber- Three Beeckers and one Indianapolis Brewing Co.
209 Campbellsville, KY amber Coke bottle
210 A Pan-American Exposition shot glass in original case
211 Amber St. Andrews embossed wine bottle, Bristol.
212 Johnson City O'Donnels half pint paper label whiskey bottle
213 Johnson City Club pint bottle paper label, M. Dyer
214 Johnson City Embossed M. Dyer rye bottle
215 Johnson City Embossed M. Dyer rye bottle
216 Peterman Paper Label Johnson City Bottle
217 A Greeneville, TN H.W. Harper Sour Mash pint bottle
218 Bristol, Tennessee paper label embossed bottle for sasaparilla
219 A Greeneville, TN embossed and paper labeled Ramon's Tonic in original box
220 Eighteen Memphis and Dyersburg, Tennessee aqua blob top soda bottles
221 Three assorted luster bottles
222 An Underwood Inks cobalt bottle
223 Raspiller Amber Brewing bottle with eagle embossed- West Berkley
224 Jenkins Chemist Louisville, KY aqua bottle
225 Nashville TN Greenhalge Hair Restorer embossed aqua bottle
226 Goochs Sasparilla aqua embossed bottle, Cinn.
227 48 Assorted medicine bottles mostly Memphis, most are embossed
228 Memphis aqua embossed soda bottles, 3 Hargan, J H Kump
229 A Cobalt M. McCormick Nashville, TN soda bottle
230 A cobalt M. McCormick Nashville, TN soda bottle
231 A cobalt M. McCormick Nashville, TN soda bottle
232 Ottenville Blue Nashville, Tennessee soda bottle
233 Belfast aqua Ginger saddle bottle
234 Anheiser Busch amber beer bottle
235 Assorted box of bottles
236 Pottery one quart storage jar
237 A Michigan Bar Adding ton signed crock
238 T.R. COEIELD one gallon jug with major crack
239 Clay face jug with marble eyes
240 Arnhem Liq. Co. one gallon glass jug Roanoke. VA.
241 Roanoke Wine and Liquor Co. embossed one gallon jug
242 Gorman Co. Roanoke one gallon glass jug
243 Aronhime Liq. Co. half gallon embossed Roanoke whisky jug
244 Assorted box lot of script and various other items
245 Box lot of advertising mirrors etc.
246 Misc. lot of advertising, pipes etc
247 Late 18th Century horn and brass traveling shot glass
248 Collection of 12 aqua druggist bottles
249 Six assorted embossed druggist bottles
250 Box of glass negatives
251 Assorted box Lot of paper items
252 Assorted box lot of paper items
253 Assorted box lot of paper items, cigarette cards
254 Assorted box lot of bottles and medicines, poison bottles
255 Two early bitter bottles
256 Two early bitter bottles
257 1904 Bristol Courier Supplement
258 Bristol Meal bag and A Bristol Corn bag
259 St Paul Minn. Jonhstreet Wine and Brandy Co
260 Three South Dakota mini jugs, Siolie & Rasmussen, Bradley-Hurley Beehive, Spratt Bros(Aberdene)
261 Three South Dakota mini jugs, Richards & Shultz(Iroquis), Howe-Garretson, Haugen- (Brookings)
262 Two South Dakota mini jugs, Jensen (Willmott), Wiley (Harrold),
263 Two South Dakota mini jugs, Townsend & Hill (Britton), Homedew (Redfield)
264 Two South Dakota mini jugs, Phillips and Waltz, (Brookings)- Payne (Lily)
265 Two South Dakota mini jugs, Our Home Store (Canastota), EC Toy (Andover)
266 Three South Dakota mini jugs, Grover(Hartford), Sieman (Westport), Stavig Bros.(Sisseton)
267 Two South Dakota mini jugs, Haley and Singer South-( Winifred), Sundstrom and Sundstrom-(Beresford)
268 Two South Dakota mini jugs, Smith and Reed-(Artesian), Gilruth-(Watertown)
269 Two South Dakota mini jugs, Christianson-(Vilas), Babb and Babb-(Wakonda)
270 Charlotte NC Ryland and Gresham scratch mini jug
271 Nashville TN JT Doores mini jug
272 Louisville KY Hirsch Bros scratch cider jug
273 Nashville TN mini jug, TN Distilling Co
274 One Paducah/Memphis Gregory and Dave/Bailey mini jug
275 One Paducah/Memphis Gregory and Dave/Bailey mini jug
276 Merry Christmas mini jug Preferred Stock U.S. Sasser
277 Two Jones Bros mini jugs, Blue Grass Vinegar, Louisville KY (For Sale by John Johnson and For Sale by JR Jackson)
278 Double size mini jug, The Atlantic- Bute MT. A well known early 19thC liquor store
279 Louisville KY mini jug, Little Brown Jug, " See you in 1909"
280 Darby PA Nelson and Newcomb Grocery mini jug
281 Port Townsend Mer. Co mini jug
282 Louisville Ky Jones Bros and Carr cider jug
283 Washington State, mini jugs, Everette WA-Thusen, Ridgeway,Entrop Gro, Wheeler Bros Gro.
284 Two Georgetown WA mini jugs- Matthews, Cavanaugh
285 Six assorted Washington State mini jugs- Van Eaton, Lebo, Port Townsend Mer. Co, Holcomb Gro. Co, JR Ryan, Tevete Gro. Dealer

Cash or check 10% buyers fee. Preview 8:30 morning of the auction.

Kimball sterling PAL 2476
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Upcoming Auctions - 13594.jpg
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We are in the tent rental business and have been for about 15 years here in Johnson City, We service a pretty wide area. Our sizes go from 20 x 20 to 40 by 80. Most of our tents are made by Eureka. We rent to business's, church's,Johsnon City Country Club, The Range. Lowes of johnson City, Elizabethton Chamber of Commerce, Covered bridge Festival, Girls Inc. of Johnson City, fireworks stands, Walmarts, TNT Fireworks, weddings, partys, and much more. We do not charge estra for delivery or set-up

Our tents can come with sides or without sides. We do keep a few tables also to rent but not many. We do mostly tents. You can see out tents setup at most of the Walmarts in SW Va during the Fourth of July. We have done those tents for about 8 years. All of our tents are up to fire code and most are pole tents. all of our tents are clean.

Give us an email or a call for a price. Our tents are high peeked and we also have some Capris (Looks like a big geometric butterfly has landed). Take a look at the Eureka Tents web site and you will see most of what we have. Wedding tents, party Tents,

Trade works as good as cash. Give us a chance to quote you.
Kimball M. Sterling Inc.
125 West Market St.
Johnson City, Tennessee 37604


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Ask for our special rate for Sterling Auction but sometimes your rate is
better than ours. Always check. This is a very nice hotel and very close to
the auction gallery. Nice people ,good food, and quality rooms and service.
Here is a link:

Contact Information

Carnegie Hotel & Spa
1216 W. State of Franklin Road
Johnson City, TN 37604

Toll-free reservations: 866.757.8277
Tel. 423.979.6400
Fax. 423.979.6424


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